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Rhapsody On A Windy Night Essay

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Rhapsody (praise something/excessively enthusiastic expression/composition in music that is free/irregular) on a Windy Night - T.S.Eliot (modernist; playing with time/form/structure)Profound tragedy/sufferingSociety bleak/dispassionately regarded/filled with soullessness/lifeless characters who impose their own exile through their incapability of communication under the pressure and scrutiny of their own memory, represented as a type of phantom in the poem, who overhangs them like a ghost however the moon is an exception, clinging desperately to the image of life "the moon holds no grudge"Free verseTitle reflects poem's form; rhapsody is irregular/unstructuredPoem starts jumbled/juxtaposed images (midnight / street lamp / lunar) in lines of irregular length with no rhyme/repetitionIrony; "rhapsody" suggests mood of enthusiasm/frenzy not conveyed by poem itself; creating suspense, tragedy and anti-climax in poemSituation potentially romantic (midnight stroll) - actually dominated by decay/isolation/despairOnly connotations of wind "sputtered" despite emphasis in titleContrastTitle and contextChildlike innocence and filth/decay; stanza 4Light of street light and midnight; stanza 1"Twelve o'clock" - symbolises connotations of "lunar""lunar" - mystery/ambiguity"madman" - protagonist's first human encounter is madman/social outcast"dead geranium" - very dark tone; difficult to kill a geranium yet geranium is dead in poem / awkward imagery portrays theme in which memory unpredictably resurfaces for persona - decaying society"twists like a crooked pin" - negative simile"throws up" - sick?"twisted" / "twisted" - insane/dark?"as if the world gave up"stroller giving up on world/lifeseeing the place a whole new way; the last way he will see it"the secret of it's skeleton, stiff and white" - body channels sensation from past experiences"Rust that clings" -...

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