Rhetoric Analysis: It's The Water, Stupid!

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David M. Lodge's essay “'It's the Water, Stupid!'” asserts that the world needs to find a
win-win-win situation and a balance in the use of water resources for environmental, public health, and commerce problems in order to ensure the safety of human beings and halt dramatic changes to aquatic species and their environments. Lodge develops his point with environmental and public health statistics as well as numerous references that show the relationship between the necessity of water resources to live and our environmental problems. Lodge discusses the world problems of water resources and the needed better management of them in order to spread awareness about the topic as it is an overlooked, global problem. Lodge's essay is written in BioScience which is read by the well educated, but his essay seems to be targeted at a wider audience considering the weight of the issue and the easy readability of the piece.
Lodge is a professor of biological sciences and director of the Center for Aquatic Conservation at the University of Notre Dame. His research focuses on conversational biology and aquatic invasive species. Lodge also administrates a number of committees and organizations that concentrate on invasive species including the direction of the NSF-funded ISIS (Integrated Systems for Invasive Species) project (“David M. Lodge”). This article appeared in the January issue of BioScience, which is a heavily edited and peer reviewed journal of research and essays on biology. Despite some of the complexity of the articles in BioScience, Lodge's thesis is significant to humanity so the article was written for a larger audience. Lodge covers three important topics relative to his thesis that are broad enough for anyone to understand, and also give warrant to his ideas because they are concurrently conclusive.
Lodge's thesis is based on three points. He argues that we do not ration and control our water supply well, which has led to economic and commercial prosperity, but has left the public and environmental health battered. He has multiple sources that support his thesis as a part of his “They Say” including the loss of many aquatic species due to pollution and destroyed ecosystems, lack of access to safe drinking water and good sanitation, and improved commerce of goods and services due to water resource compromise. These sources support his thesis, but have none in opposition. With the lack of opposition it seems that he lacks warrant to make a statement about the topics, but it seems difficult to me to counter such arguments as saving human lives and healing the environment, unless it was that our greed is completely necessary to our own prosperity and...

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