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Rhetoric Analysis Of Wwf Tiger Ad

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Visualize yourself flipping through a magazine when you stumble upon the image of a young girl dressed in tiger clothing alone in the middle of a jungle. Her crouched and oblivious stance portrays the innocent disposition of a young tiger unaware of the dangers that she may encounter. In the foreground a shiny silver gun is positioned in the hands of someone waiting for their moment. The scene appears dark and dreary for those of us aware that this young tiger is in danger, but to her it just seems like home. The point of view for this ad makes it appear as if you, the observer, are holding the gun. While at the bottom of the ad you see the familiar WWF logo and a simple, thought provoking, statement…“Imagine this is yours”.
According to the main goal of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is to “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth... Our vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature,” and with ads like this they can be sure to attract your attention, but is this ad really effective? I do not think so. The sense of family and right and wrong do a phenomenal job of generating a response from its viewers, but however shocking and attention grabbing it may be aspects of it are lacking.
Pathos is the main appeal used in this advertisement, giving the observer a feeling of guilt as if he/she was in on the killing of the innocent child, in the lower right hand corner the panda atop the “WWF” letters contains ethos for some people because the World Wildlife Fund is a very popular well recognized organization; however, I feel that the advertisement is lacking in both ethos and logos because while it does a great job of attracting attention it does not tell you where to go from there or any facts about WWF itself. Despite their tremendous efforts and great use of pathos, the significant lack of logos, and their very subtle use of ethos makes this ad ineffective overall. The targeted audience for this ad is everyone who might come across it, but has emphasis on pulling the heartstrings of parents and relatives of young children.
A good ad tells a story, allowing the audience to interpret what they have seen in their own terms. The shocking story portrayed by this ad is a very well thought out depiction of pathos (emotion). The audience is exposed to the harsh reality that poaching is the murder of another animal’s child. This is made blatantly clear by the text stating “Imagine this is yours”. The image and the statement together invoke guilt and sorrow for the young endangered species that are commonly poached. The statement also appeals to the protective nature of parents and relatives of young children. The idea of someone shooting a defenseless human is reprehensible and downright disgusting and the WWF does a phenomenal job of crossing the line to get the audience’s attention.
Other aspects of this ad that contribute to pathos are the angles and colors used in...

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