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Rhetoric Challenges The Virtue Of Society And Individuals

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Rhetoric is something that we use constantly in our everyday life. Unbeknown to us, we have been using the persuasive appeals of pathos, ethos and logos even for the most mundane things. Rhetoric can be seen everywhere in our everyday’s lives in form of media, religion, politics, government propaganda, historic references and social media. We should learn to identify and appropriately use the different categories of rhetoric expressions in an effective manner. Rhetoric is the study of effective speaking and writing in order to convince the audience or the reader. It is sued to convince the audience to think in the same way as the arguer or the presenter.
Rhetoric can be found in our day to day lives and is essentially used to convince other people over something or to pass across a message in ones point of view. The most common places where rhetoric can be found are in social media and networking, religion, political speeches and advertising. In political speeches and advertisements, rhetoric gets the listeners who are the public to agree with the presenters point of view without arguing yet the arguer does not offer important information of intellectual value as to why they are insisting on their argument. For example, a politician may come to a podium and start arguing negatively about another party. Some even term their opponents parties as cancer that will eat up the society. This has negative connotations but with no intrinsic meaning since, they have no prove of what they are alleging, all they want is the public to believe in them. Politicians use rhetoric in form of a metaphor by insinuating that their opponents share characteristics with certain things or anything of their choosing and at times it even sounds abusive. Some politicians who have failed to come to power and striving to can even refer to their opponents as children who are not fit to be in power. In addition, in politics politicians use rhetoric in convincing the voters that they are going to be the best leaders to run the states or country than their competitors and therefore, they will use persuasive language and even tokens just to lure the voters to vote for them. In politics, politicians can also use rhetoric in the form of anaphora whereby they will repeat certain words just to pass a message and to evoke an emotional response from the audience. An example is a politician while addressing the public while arguing against oppression, he/she might say "We must fight oppression because it makes people afraid of speaking up oppression is something we have to fight."This is just s repetition of what has been said initially but the politician will use anaphora just to make the crowd cheer him/her and believe in what they are saying. In politics, one has to liked by the public in order to be voted in and so, they use all elements of rhetoric to persuade the public into voting for them despite some of these elements harming their opponents. Ethos is used in politics but...

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