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Rhetoric In Violence As Entertainment Essay

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It is shocking to believe that just because you like videogames and crime shows you are a bad person. This article is one in which talks about people being obsess with violences. What would happen if just because you went to a story and got the the latest Grand Theft Auto videogame people would run for the hill and accuse you of being crazy.In this artical we are given the idea that if a person liked violent video games, and crime shows, then the person is up to no good.In his article, Violence as Entertainment, Folisi employs a variety of rhetorical devices to divert the reader's attention away from his lack of empirical evidence. The most effective of these devices is the use of multiple tones. To a lesser degree, Folisi also uses anecdotal evidence. This works directly against the author's goals, exposing the weaknesses in his arguments.Folisi alternates between authoritative and speculative tones throughout the article. This is utilized in several different ways.

First, Folisi is able to pass off many of his assumptions as fact. The topic sentences of many paragraphs start with words such as ‘we’ and ‘our’, projecting the author’s personal thoughts and experiences out onto the rest of his audience. In this way, personal observations are subtly transformed into global assumptions. Consider for example the following excerpt:

The fact is, these kinds of news stories fascinate us. But why? Does life in a modern technological world breed individuals who are more criminally incited or inclined? Is it somehow more difficult for us to cope with our lives, with our basic instincts and needs, in societies which are cut off from nature? Through disconnecting and dividing us from our true instinctual inner nature, has modern technological society distorted and deformed our souls into criminal forms of madness? Or does our high level of sensationalizing interest in crime and punishment, in violence as entertainment, point to something else?

Folisi begins with the phrase “the fact is” to disguise his primary assertion: Violent news stories fascinate most people. However, before we get the chance to hear a supporting argument, the author jumps into an avalanche of rhetorical questions.

There are two important things to note about these rhetorical questions. First, they are all very interesting Part of what makes Folisi’s rhetoric so powerful is that his ideas are (for the most part) thought provoking. Before the reader has a chance to think critically about each topic sentence, he or she is distracted by these questions and torn away from the original topic. Second, each of Folisi’s questions take his topic sentence as a given. In this way, the reader is forced into accepting the topic sentence...

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