Rhetoric On The Menace Of Terrorism

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A rhetorical situation is an instance, scenario or an occurrence which calls for a spoken or written response. According to (Caudill etal 217) a rhetoric situation has three components namely the rhetor, which is the person speaking or writing, the audience and the issue. Other elements include the genre or type and the purpose of the rhetoric.
The following is a rhetoric situation targeting readers in countries affected by terrorism. The purpose is to bring to light the increased acts of terrorism around the world and recommend measures to curb the same. The genre of this rhetoric situation is written.

The Menace of Terrorism
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A number of incidents including the Arusha and Nairobi bombings on American embassies in 1998 (Koppel & Glasse, 1998) serve to prove this motive.
There has been a lot of linkage of Islam religion to terrorism. Major terrorist attacks have been carried out by Islamists branding themselves Jihadists fighting the holy Muslim war of Jihad. The countries of origin of these groups profess Islam faith. Al Qaeda group is based in Afghanistan while AL Shabab is based in Somalia, countries known to profess the Muslim faith. However, despite these villains’ allegiance to the religion, Muslim leaders around the world have distanced themselves from these groups and have joined the fight against terrorism.
Terrorism poses the long term risk of fuelling religious wars in countries inhabited by persons from the Islam and non Islam religions especially the Christians. Such war has been witnessed in parts of Nigeria and Central African Republic (Raghavan, 2014). Such kind of war compromises the independence and stability of a country.
Psychologists have linked acts of terrorism to persons with adulterated mental judgment. Terrorists are recruited in the promise of money and they are brainwashed into having pre meditated beliefs about certain targets of the terror groups. They are promised a happy life after should they die fighting the holy war....

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