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Misperceptions and innuendos about others are formed when individuals begin to believe in an idea or opinion about a particular group or individual that is either entirely untrue or only partially true which "represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment" (Merriam-Webster, 2007) about others based on a distinguished characteristics associated with that particular group. As humans we are all different in many ways which helps in being able to establish ourselves as individuals. A person's individual differences, beliefs, and opinions is what makes them unique from others but because these differences exist it causes others to form biased opinions based on characteristics associated with the entire group instead of through learning experiences with the individual associated with the group. What may be held true by one individual may not necessarily represent the beliefs of everyone involved.Categorizing humans is important in order for us to understand where we fit into our society demographically but generalizing cause's labels to be placed upon everyone associated within a particular group. Our beliefs and opinions are formed through learning experiences which help in teaching right from wrong. In all aspects of our lives individuals are judged because of their political choices, physical appearance, and their beliefs for equal treatment among the sexes. Just because individuals have interests in a particular group does not mean that their beliefs are the same as everyone associated with the group. What one individual may view as socially unacceptable another may view as our ability to be individuals without being stereotyped by others or the ability to not be judgmental about something without knowing all the facts. By painting all members of a particular group with the same brush it ignores the uniqueness that each holds as individuals. Should it be assumed that all women believe in the feminist movement just because they are female or could it be safe to assume that some may feel that a woman's place is in the home caring for the family mentally, emotionally, and physically while the man makes all the decisions regarding finances and political issues.For hundreds of years men have dominated the political arena until women began gaining support because of their beliefs and not based on their gender differences. Even though there are individuals who believe "that women are less suited for politics than men" (Sanbonmatsu, 2007, para. 2) there are others who decide based upon the beliefs and opinions the individual holds true for them self and how they would benefit from electing them to be there voice in the political arena. Stereotyping occurs between men and women within the political ring because of their different beliefs and views about certain areas but does this mean that all women hold that same view as others or does each judgment depend upon the individual them self?Individuals who chose to alter...

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Rhetoric and Stereotype Essay

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