Rhetorical Analysis: Is Folisi Successful With His Strategies?

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Many great writers write beautiful journals, essays, or any sorts of writings and publish them to the public, but do the larger purpose of the writing develops as the writing develop? Writing is a tool that many Americans in the United States have as a skill because writing is a source of education and success, but many still struggle with the ability to write and support their argument or larger purpose. Despite that many struggle, there are many authors that have master it such as Salvatore Folisi, the author of “Violence as an Entertainment.” Folisi effectively integrated crime shows and psychology in his article to support his two claims; however, his structure for his ideas needs improvement. Despite the problem, he did convince me to agree with his argument.
Folisi uses common television shows efficiently in supporting his first claim, “[United States’] society are fascinated by violence” (VE,1). Folisi slowly starts to develop his claim by stating popular television series such as “CSI Miami, Women behind Bars, COPS, and Lock Ups” (VE,2). By using common television shows, Folisi is able to support his claim because each of the shows represent violence as an entertainment. In addition, these shows justify Folisi’s claim because they represent society’s appetite for violence. Folisi continues to strengthen his claim by including his own experience from watching crime shows: “when I first saw the television show COPS, I was working at a group home for troubled teens” (VE). Folisi personal experience with crime shows strengthen his claim because it serves as an example of an age group in society that likes violence on television. In addition, the strategy of implementing his own experience with the media allows Folisi to state his claim. Therefore, because Folisi acknowledges the amount of violence the media society include in their films; he uses them effectively to the extent that his argument is valid in modern time society.
Folisi also excellently incorporates psychology in his writing to develop his second claim “violence as entertainment is truly a form of diversion” (VE, 4). Folisi slowly integrates psychology, but he gradually adds more and more. He starts building his psychology claim with: “It is … difficult for [people] to be honest with one another … we are conditioned from birth to be someone we are not” (VE, 3). Folisi explains that society trains people to behave in a certain way: to not be an individual, but follow society reputation. After he reveals the behavior crisis, he goes into explaining how the behavior affects a person mentally: “we’re fed up with...

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