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Rhetorical Analysis Just Say No To Flu Vaccines

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Just Say No! The title of the article written by a blogger and newsman named Harry Fuller who writes to share his personal truths about the government's involvement in the administration of flu vaccinations. The purpose of the article is to persuade anyone with the ability to make a decision about vaccinations for themselves or their dependents to "Just Say No" to getting the flu vaccine and to be concerned about government control. To accomplish this, Fuller uses sarcasm with logos and pathos appeals to grab the reader's attention with hopes to motivate them to take a stand against what he believes to be socialist ideals. He also uses the same appeals to anger or cause paranoia to the reader that the government is in a controlling seat over personal issues.I assumed the author of this article is an American male with Christian beliefs or affiliated with a particular religion that does not support traditional medicine because he seems very concerned about what is going on in American government and he closes his article with the statement; "I hear prayer is a great preventive measure for all manner of ailments." It seems he is also informed on politics and very much against a socialistic society as he mentions "Big Brother is definitely in the flu business" and "Draw the line. No socialized vaccines no socialized medical care, Just Say No" which make reference to government watch and control.Fuller persuades his readers to think about the government's involvement in flu vaccinations by using logos appeals with a sarcastic tone. With sarcasm Fuller gives his opinions on an extreme scale to really shock the reader and show how this issue that may seem miniscule is actually a lot bigger. For example, when he said "The federal institutes of Health have gathered the flu germs on which the profit-making drug companies must now depend to make their vaccines", he is bringing to light how the private drug companies must go through the government in order to develop the very products the business is in place to supply. He then goes on to say, "If you support this kind of government-controlled vaccine censorship, next thing you know they'll want to control smoking, hand-guns, target practice, drunk driving, glue snorting and all manner of other American past-times" While that statement is more extreme, and a little weak in its example, it is still an expression of reasoning and a plea to keep public administration out of private affairs. This particular appeal could have been a bit stronger in my opinion. The direction was clear; however he could have used a few different examples in his argument to compare government control since there are already controls in place for hand-guns and drunk driving. Another logos appeal with sarcastic undertones that was a bit weak for me was, "if this flu is good enough for swine, it outta be good enough for everybody, right?" This statement may not work for the reader because it really doesn't hold any value since many...

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