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Rhetorical Analysis Of “Schools Should Embrace Cell Phones As Learning Tools Instead Of Banning Them”

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Cell phones have become an important aspect of our daily lives. Whether for entertainment, communication, research or reference, cell phones are used throughout the day in various capacities. Nevertheless, cell phones have not been embraced in all aspects of life, namely during school. In his October 10, 2009 article “Schools Should Embrace Cell Phones as Learning Tools Instead of Banning Them,” A.J. Dean argues that cell phones are useful to students in classrooms as long as they are used and monitored efficiently. Despite the disadvantages in learning with cell phone usage at school, Dean uses rhetorical strategies to persuade readers — in this case high school students and administration — that cell phones can be used as significant learning tools at school, and that there are far more advantages than disadvantages in using cell phones at school. Dean explains the advantageous of embracing cell phones as learning tools. He supports his claims with reasons and examples from recent events. In his conclusion, Dean leaves the reader with a rhetorical question reminding us that one disadvantage should not suppress the many advantages.

Dean intended throughout the introduction to build his ethos, by establishing common grounds with the reader. He begins his article with a short story about the use of scissors in schools, He shows that although a scissors might be harmful to carry around, it might also be really helpful in art classes if it was monitored. He then immediately adds the notion “one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch,” after the case he presented. The addition of the notion immediately after the story opened a door for him to state his thesis, and also show that it is valid. The scissors example followed by the notion created a rhetorical ethical appeal, as he was able to show that there are some cases where disadvantages can’t overwhelm advantages. In such case he was able to gain the readers trust, especially those who share a common believe in the notion he presented.
Dean further build on his ethos by acknowledging the counter arguments. He reflects to the reader that he is fair-minded and sustains his credibility through acknowledging the counter arguments. An example of such techniques is present in the sixth paragraph where he presents a one counter argument; “Many critics argue that kids will become distracted if cell phones are allowed in class.” However, then he refutes it by...

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