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Hi my name is Rohan Biswas. To me Engineering in my entire life. When I was in 7th grade I took a tech class that inspired me to want to be an engineer. Education is the key to success in the world we live in right now. It gives perspective from dozens of angles on the way we live life to why we do things the way we do. Education can give perspective for an environmental angle to a scientific angle to a medical angle in many different situations Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and helps to make it even better. Education has helped the modern industrial world and has help to make the lives of the worker much easier. Education can give us a stable way of living and even equality on a social basis. In my opinion the more education you have mean you have more money, and money in this world can change the way people see you in a social standard. The more education I have will also make it easier to get a job in the mechanical engineering field. Also with more knowledge a person has the more seriously they will be taken. In addition to that education make a person an active member in society. Also the more education someone has the less likelihood they have of being exploited or scammed.
In the future I would like to become a Mechanical Engineer that uses engineering, physics and material science to design, analyze, and create products. To get to that goal I would like to get my major in Mechanical engineering which means that I will be focusing my studies in mathematics. After I obtain my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, I am going to earn an engineering licence and get as many certifications as I can from the...

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