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Rhetorical Elements In Orange Is The New Black

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How does being sentenced to prison affect someone later in his or her life? Many people pose the question, but they have yet to form an immutable response. Oscar Wilde once said, “one of the many lessons that one learns in prison is, that things are what they are and will be what they will be”, this quotation engenders the philosophy of prison, which consists of one being held responsible for his or her wrongdoings. The book Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman explores how a once drug money launderer goes to jail for a crime which she committed almost a decade earlier. At the time she committed the crime, she considered herself lost and naive in regards to her life. Throughout the book, the audience witnesses Kerman’s struggles and how she ultimately overcomes them in order to better herself for the future. After examining the book, one can see that Kerman uses many rhetorical elements in her writing such as ethos, the rhetorical triangle, narration, and myriad others to make her memoir a timeless piece of non-fiction.
It all began when Piper Kerman just graduated from college with no direction in her life. During this time she met Nora, a sophisticated lesbian who Piper had a peculiar infatuation with. Nora told Piper about the extravagant life she lived because of her involvement with a West African drug lord dealing heroin. Since Kerman had nothing better planned for her life, she decided to join the business since Nora had cajoled her into it. Her role consisted of smuggling drug money for the operation, once moving over ten thousand dollars from Chicago to Brussels. This careless act that seemed innocuous to Kerman at the time ultimately landed Piper in jail on charges of money laundering in conspiracy with drug trafficking. Kerman Her brutal honesty and the amount of description she uses makes her writing rhetorically effective.
After Kerman was convicted, she had to accept the reality of going to jail. As described by herself, she did not look like the typical person who serves time in prison. She described herself as a nice blonde lady that typically minded her own business. Throughout her stint in jail, it establishes her ethos because after all it is a first hand account. She narrated the conditions in the minimum-security federal prison with great detail. Even going as far as showing the sexual abuse done by the guards to the inmates. She was most shocked about the...

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