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Rhetorical Sensitivity Is Fundamental For College Students

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Many students who do recognize the importance of rhetoric present a better writing in their academic essays. They consider variables such as clarity in his essays, better structure, organization, enough evidence, and cohesive paragraphs in general. According to Ede, Lisa S. “Rhetoric is a practical art that helps writers make effective choices within specific rhetorical situations.” In other words, understanding the basic elements of rhetoric such as audience, purpose, thesis and evidence help students to develop rhetorical sensitivity thereby meet the demands a good academic writing. Today, being rhetorical aware in writing is essential for college students in the writing process.
Rhetorical context refers to the circumstances that surround the academic writing. These circumstances include the audience, the purpose, the thesis and evidence. It is common for a student have trouble even on how to start their essay. For instance, students have trouble identifying the assignment and do not know what to write about. Having in mind all these variables, help the student to stay focused on who, what and why they are writing for.
Rhetorical sensitivity communication helps students with the audience to produce messages that appeal and interest. Students can reach and convince their target audience by analyzing them all. For instance, they know what do the audience wants or needs, what they believe, what their values are, what could have an impact on them? and what kind of organization the audience expect to see in your writing. Also, by knowing the audience, the writer has a better perspective of what material to include for a particular audience. Particular audiences can be identified by a cultural analysis, such as their age, their educational level, sex, religion their economic status and the region where they live in. Perhaps, the writer might reach more than one intended audience. For example, If a student is assigned to educate parents about West Nile Virus, he might want to consider the type of material he wants to include such as graphics, statistics, number of cases with the decease, other resources, etc. He might also want to consider how the information should be phrased, For instance, the writer must think about the educational level, the region and the economic status of the community he intends to reach. The student might even consider the language of certain communities. Now, what if the students is assigned to educate children, then, the writer will have to modify its content and approach to appeal children effectively. In this case, the writer might think on including visuals, like pictures, drawings that catch children’s attention to the subject. The student might also thing on vocabulary that is easy and understandable for children. Maybe include a story or cartoon characters to make it more animated. Rhetorical sensitivity assures an effective communication with the intended audience. Closely connected to your audience is...

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