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Rhetorical Tools For Creating Unity In Rajiva’s The Globalized Village

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Globalization is a topic that has been debated for years. Two distinct sides have become prominent, pro-globalization and anti-globalization. Lila Rajiva argues in “The Globalized Village” a new position that seeks to reach out to both sides of the argument, a position she calls “humane globalization”. Rajiva gives first hand experience as she explains the affects that a new Hyundai factory has had in her home town of Vellore, India; explaining how it has brought jobs, industry, and “something more than the trundling old Ambassadors to drive around.” But with the good that has come with the Hyundai factory, Raijva highlights many of the damaging affects that factory has had on her hometown. Raijva focuses the majority of her argument in attempting to open the eyes of America to the negative consequences that globalization causes and makes a plea for society to unify in sojourning these negative consequences, while still allowing the auspicious ramifications of globalizations to flourish.
Rajiva knows that the nucleus of spreading globalization is America, therefore, Rajiva directs “The Globalized Village” toward the American people, whether they are for, against, or unsure on whether or not world globalization is good. She understands that Americans live a very different lifestyle, with nice cars, fast-food, an endless water supply, and the greatest in technology, all of which is very different than the people in her home country. Because of this diversity, Rajiva focuses her argument on rendering peoples emotions, something universal among all human being. “The Globalized Village’s” argument is effective in stirring emotions of guilt and sympathy from the American populous, through the use of emphatic word choice, engaging imagery, and a delayed policy argument to increase potential support and activity in creating a humane globalization.
Rajiva’s choice of words isimperative in creating a preparatory atmosphere of acceptance within her audience’s heart and mind. Many of the words and phrases used seek to add emphasis to the negative affects that globalization is having specifically on her village. This added emphasis will enable her later use of imagery to have greater effect. A good example of this is how she explains the “ceaseless construction” for the “ambitious national highway”. By using the words ceaseless and ambitious it adds an extra amount of weight to the action that is taking place, which is the construction for the new highway. It’s important that Rajiva uses these words because most Americans have just become accustom to construction and it’s nothing major to them; but through the use of these words it now helps the reader realize and begin to feel sympathy for the major toll that this is taking on the Indian people.
She continues seeking sympathy out of her readers by referring to the “hundred-year-old trees” that have been torn out to build the highway. The loss of “hundred-old-trees” certainly tugs at ones heart with...

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