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Rice Essay

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"…Finally, because South Carolina, from her climate, situation, and peculiar institutions, is, and must ever continue to be, wholly dependent on agriculture and commerce, not only for prosperity , but for her existence as a state…" (Boller, pg.110)
-John C Calhoun: South Carolina explosion and Protest (1828)


While the north was undergoing an "industrial revolution," the south remained agriculturally based. Rice, which was the first grown in South Carolina in the early 1960's, was a very promising harvest. Between 1820and 1850, the production of rice nearly tripled, making it a leading colonial crop along the seacoast of South Carolina and Georgia. Rice had definitely proved to be a "magic crop" of the South. (Boyer, pg.96)
The Carolinas was originally granted in the 1663 by King Charles II of England to a few of his British supporters. The proprietors named the land Carolina in the honor of King Charles. Charles in Latin is Carolus. (Olmsted, pg.312) The colony grow hastily at first. In 1669, however, Anthony Ashley Cooper, one of the proprietors, speeded up settlements by offering immigration land grants. For each new family member, indentured servant, or slave brought in, fifty acres of land were given to the family head. The wealth immigrants, or those with large families, received a large piece of land, which were used as plantations. The Carolinas was shaped to be agrarian-based bound. (Faulkner, pg. 217)
Until the 1680's, most of the settlers in the Carolinas were farmers. It soon became obvious that Carolina was not created "so that he settlers could eke out a marginal existence." Like the Virginians before them, the Carolinas sought their own staple crop that can make them rich, rice. The plantation owners of North Carolina, like those of Virginia, raised chiefly tobacco and corn on small farms. Those in South Carolina planted rice and indigo on a large scale. Rice was probably brought from West Africa. Because the grain made a few men rich with capitol to invest in costly dams, dikes, and slaves, the Carolinians began to resemble that of the West Indies. Rice planters earned annual profits of 25%, causing them, within a generation, to become the only Colonial elite whose wealth revealed that of the Caribbean sugar planters. (Fite, pg.78)
As early as the early 1700's rice proved to be an extremely profitable harvest. By the time of the revolution Charleston was exporting annually about 125,000 barrels. Although the profits of rice tripled between 1820 and 1850, there were also many costs in rice production. The work...

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