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Rice Pledging Essay

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Thai Agricultural policies: Rice pledging scheme

Thailand is among one of the most suitable regions on earth for agricultural industry. Therefore Thailand economy relies heavily on this particular sector. It intertwines seamlessly with the social structure. The fact is that Thai agriculture provides the very large source of food for the region and across the world, not to mention that, it supplies the raw materials to other industries and service sectors. It is also a key to sustainable economic and social development of the country.
Though suffering from natural disaster and economic crisis the past few years, Thailand still manages to have sufficient agricultural products for local ...view middle of the document...

Legitimate problems have been identified in order to establish proper policies and procedures. Subsequently, the government has developed the national economic and social development plan.
During the first plan,(1961-1966), through the third plan, (1972-1976), the emphasis was about non-commercialized agriculture products and the attempt to lower cost for the production process while using available budgets in building the country's foundation and infrastructure such as highways, electricity generating plants and dams. In plan No.4 (1977-1981) through No. 6 (1987-1991), the government started to implement the concept of commercialized agriculture, concentrating specially on production for sale, as well as using all means to make a full maximum return per unit. This change was directly influenced from the green revolution.

During the development plan No.7 (1992-1996) through No.10 (2007-2011), the emphasis was about sustainable agriculture. It focused on environmental quality and the natural resources. It was also intended to help sustaining the economic viability of farm operation as well as to integrate the harmony in quality of life and income distribution. Additionally it proposed that farmers made the most use from nonrenewable resources and attuned, where appropriate, natural biological cycles.

The importance of the philosophy of sufficiency economy has been emphasized as a continuation from development plan No.10 to the current plan, No.11 (2012-2016). It will advance the practice of farming to become more professional (Smart farmer). In this discipline, Smart officers work alongside the farmers to provide knowledge and problem solving expertise, to promote balance between food crop and energy crop as well as Green product manufacture. The plan also focused on the main goal of food products standardization by increasing the efficiency yet remain ecofriendly. (Source:)

The main policies under these plans are as followed:
Production policy
The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is responsible for advancement of agricultural products to meet consumer’s standard both local and abroad. The policy is for promoting quality of agricultural products from farm to table by implementing better quality management system. The improvement in laboratories as well as traceability in crops, livestock and fisheries will result in achieving better traits of the products. (Source:)

Price intervention policy
Agricultural crop insurance
Established during the second National economic and social development plan, the crop insurance has safeguarded cotton, corn, sorghum, and soy bean.
During the seventh plan, Thailand Bank for agriculture and agricultural co-operatives established the fund to mitigate all damages to rice, both yearly crops as well as seasonal crops, while providing fund for other natural disasters such as flood, wind and drought for corn and livestock. In the course of development plan No. 9, the bank, in accordance with World...

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