Richard Nixon Resigns From Presidency Of The United States

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For the first time in history, the President of the United States was resigning from his role in office. August 8, 1974 President Richard Nixon stood before them, addressing them on television. President Nixon had recently been discovered to be a part of a political controversy, and to prevent being impeached, he chose to resign. President Richard Nixon’s resignation speech provides justification and information for his resignation from office in 1974. President Nixon uses repetition, Ethos, and Logos as a way of concluding his role as President, and providing hope for the Nation’s future.
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In President Nixon’s monumental speech there where many rhetorical devices used, to better the message, like the use of repetition. President Nixon used repetition to show the Nation, and make the Nation remember the ideas he repeated. President Nixon repeated terms like “regret”, “best interest of the Nation”, and “children”. President Nixon is justifying the fact that he is leaving office, and formally apologizing, by continually saying “regret”, it makes President Nixon sound more sincere, and that it is truly the biggest mistake of his life. By saying “best interest of the Nation”, President Nixon is making it seem like he is doing the right thing for America, by resigning from office. President Nixon also ties in Ethos, when he repeats “children”, because most adults are more concerned about their children than themselves, and President Nixon is playing of the emotional appeal, by promising a brighter future for America, and the children. By repeating these important ideas, President Nixon makes those phrases memorable, for the Nation.
In order to add a sense of reality to his speech, President Richard Nixon uses Logos. By using real facts, the audience can make personal connections to the speech, and also think about the great things President Nixon has done for the Nation he lead. President Nixon ties in many examples from politics like,
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