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Richard Ramirez Essay

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High Profile Criminals: Project

Childhood and background (family life, friends)
Richard Ramirez was born to Julian and Mercedes Ramirez on February 29, 1960 in EL Paso Texas. His mother Mercedes was a devoted catholic and once she crossed the border from Mexico into America, began to work in a boot factory, while his father a former police officer became a labourer for the Santa-Fe railroad. Ramirez was the youngest of five children. When Richard was young, he was ironically described as an angel - innocent and pure. His mother described him as being a happy and normal child who loved to laugh and giggle. At the age of two and five, Richard had sustained two serious head injuries which lead ...view middle of the document...

Richard's teenage rebellious path, led to petty crime in order to fuel his drug habit, which further alienated him from his Catholic parents. As a result, he spent even more time with his cousin, who also taught him murdering techniques which he had learned from the war. When Richard was eleven years old, he witnessed Mike murdering his wife during an argument. After this incident, individuals stated that he was never the same again. When he began to attend high school, his classmates noticed a huge difference in his behaviour and the way he dressed. His unstable home-life had seemed to change him.
The negative events and influences that Richard had faced in his life, had caused him to drop out of high school in grade 9.

Crimes (allegedly) committed
Richard Ramirez, also known as the “Night Stalker” began his killing spree in the summer of 1985 in California. He would commit senseless grisly murders, without a motive. He would wear black clothing and blend within the shadows. Richard exhausted the highways using it to travel from one victim to another. He would roam around searching for a home of his liking and then like a snake, he would creep in. The “night stalker” would enter a home through a window or door. In this time period, many individuals living in the suburbs would leave there door unlocked, which made it much easier for him to enter without making a sound. Once inside the home, if there was a male present, he would kill the male as quickly as possible by using a 22 calibre and if there was a woman within the home who showed “no signs of resistance”, he would brutally rape her but let her live. If the woman showed “signs of resistance”, he would instantly murder her. For the victims he would murder, he would brutally decapitate them. After committing each rape or murder, he would ransack the home and take any valuable goods and then would disappear into the darkness. When Richard was caught, he was charged and convicted with 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, 11 counts of sexual assault and 14 counts of burglary. His killing span lasted from April 10, 1984 to April 24, 1985. His victims were not ones you would expect from a serial killer. He did not have a type. He would range from old to young, male to female or weak to strong. This factor made it more difficult to catch him as his acts of violence were very random. Richard was linked to each crime scene by his foot print. The shoes he would wear during the murders and assaults were called Avea, which were new in the country and were the only 11½’s bought in California. When the police tried tracking it, it led them nowhere because it was paid in cash. Another factor that tied the crimes together and made the police aware that they were dealing with a serial killer, was the fact that he would shoot the victims in the head near the ear, almost in the same spot for every victim.

Psychological or behavioural contributing factors (mental illness?)...

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