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Richard Trenton Chase: The Vampire Of Sacramento

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The Crimes
On December 29th, 1977 a man named Ambrose Griffin was bringing in groceries from their shopping trip with his wife. On his way to their car to retrieve more of their bags, he dropped to the ground. When his wife found him, she discovered he had been shot in a drive-by. One of the victim’s sons had seen a man walking around their neighborhood with a gun in his hand. However, his gun did not match the gun used to kill Ambrose Griffin. The gun used in the shooting was a .22-caliber gun. It was soon discovered by the police that the gun used in the murder of Griffin was the same gun that was fired into the house of a woman who lived just a few streets away from the Griffin’s home. ...view middle of the document...

Chase returned to the bedroom and stuffed the feces into Teresa’s mouth. She had been three months pregnant at the time of her murder. Her husband later came home to this horrible scene.
The final four victims were all killed at the same time in a mass murder at one of the victim’s homes. Evelyn Miroth was at her house with her son Jason, who was six, and was also babysitting her nephew, David, a year and a half old. Her friend Dan Meredith had gone over to her house to check on her. When Richard Chase entered the house, he shot Dan in the front hallway at point-blank range. Dan has been taking care of the children while Evelyn took a bath. Jason ran to go get his mother but Chase shot him twice in the head before he could get there. He then shot David in the head on the way to kill Evelyn. He went into the bathroom and shot her once in the head, killing her. He brought her body onto her bed and sodomized her while he drank her blood from a bunch of gashes he had made in the back of her neck. He stabbed her several times in the anus and then a few more times around her body. He cut open her abdomen and drained all of her blood into a bucket. He drank all of the blood in the bucket. He went into the crib of David and took his body into the bathroom where Evelyn had been taking a bath. Chase broke open the baby’s skull and began consuming his brains. A neighborhood girl whom Jason was supposed to have a playdate with knocked on the door and startled Chase. He fled the scene in Dan’s station wagon, taking the corpse of David with him. When he got to his home, he drank the blood of the baby. He then cut open the abdomen and consumed several of the internal organs. He had also decapitated the body of David.
The Investigation
After the original investigation into the drive-by murder of Ambrose Griffin, they had exhausted all of their leads and the investigation had died out. They had interviewed a man whom a son of Griffin’s had seen walking around the neighborhood with a gun but after running ballistics tests, they determined that it was not the same gun and cleared the man as a suspect. When the police discovered that the same .22-caliber gun that had been used to kill Griffin had also been used in the murder of Teresa Wallin, the police were happy to have a new lead in the case. They called in the FBI for assistance and the two agents assigned to the case were Agent Russ Vorpagel and Agent Robert Ressler. They delivered a profile of the killer to the police and described him as “tall, malnourished, a loner, physically unclean” ( The most important part of this profile was the conclusion that Chase wouldn’t stop killing on his own so he had to be caught in order to stop the death of innocent people. In Chase’s rush to leave the scene of the final murders when someone knocked on the door, he left perfect shoe and, most importantly, handprints in the victim’s blood. A woman contacted the police five days after the mass murder...

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