Riddle Of Life Who Am I? I Cannot Ask Anybody

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Riddle of life Who am I? I cannot ask anybody else for the answer but myself. Everything in our life is explained and given reason for by people but when it comes to this question no one can give a so called reasonable answer. One way of others describing me would be by my name, my status, which family I belong to, what race I belong to or simply as a human being. Surprisingly all these answers would not give a satisfactory answer as they are all labels that I collected from my birth. Where was I before I was born? Where will I go after I die? These questions remain unanswered largely. Some one might even suggest that asking such a question would be foolish, but ultimately if there is a question there need to be an answer. If a question can not be answered by a human being or if they find it too difficult to answer, why do they automatically suggest that it is a forbidden question? I wonder.Is my existence only limited to the human life span? Am I going to just disappear after my death? One way of looking at this is that, it does look as if a person disappears after their death to an outsider. From the dead person's point of view, the fate that he embraces after death is unknown as no one in the history of man kind have ever came back from death to solve this puzzle.Do we have to wait till we die to find out the truth? If we do have to wait how would we know that we will find out the truth in the first place? Some one might suggest that it would not be of any concern for a person to discover his true existence after death as it simply wouldn't make any difference. What if some one discovers their true existence before their physical death? What would be the consequences of living with the awareness of a person's true existence? Humans are not aware of death until they reach a certain age that every body needs to agree due to the fact that every one finds out about the death aspect of humans when they reach a certain age through adults they associate with. What if a person lives with out knowing that humans are subject to death? They would simply engage in risky practises, would not have any future plans, and would not race against time. Race against time would not be necessary as the time would not simply exist to a person who is not aware of death.Nature of humans Fear death Fear of getting hurt or being subject to pain Humans respond to pain, as they are protective of themselves. Humans are protective of them selves for the duration of life where they have control over avoiding pain. In other circumstances like natural occurring, humans are physically or mentally hurt but this also they try to avoid. In cases where pain could not be avoided they generate a distress emotion.To conclude, Humans are aware of the potential of them selves being hurt, due to that they spend a great deal of time taking actions to avoid situations that bring pain. Also they are aware that for the pain to exist they have to be alive and death as the biggest pain of all...

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