Riding The Roller Coaster Of Love

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Riding a rollercoaster is very comparable to the ride that love takes you through. While you are riding a rollercoaster there are the anxious moments of climbing the first hill to enjoy the ride,then the emotional fall that comes as you plunder down towards earth with the feeling as though you're going to fall off and die! As the ride continues there are more ups and downs and also a couple flat sections that not much is happening besides reminiscing on the past parts of the ride and looking forward to the rest of the ride. When you go up the last hill without realizing it is the last keeps the joy coming until you make it to the top and realize everything is coming to an end. This compares to love perfectly because each part of the rollercoaster is much like the ups and downs in a relationship.
While you are in love with the most amazing person ever you never want the ride to end just like when you ride the best rollercoaster you have ever been on you want it to just keep going forever. Climbing the first hill of the rollercoaster is comparable to breaking the barriers between being just friends and the higher you get the more emotions there are and the closer to love you become. When you reach the top you feel as if you have conquered the world and look forward to the ride ahead of you.
As you start to go down the first drop of the roller coaster it is like getting in you're first argument in a relationship. When you are arguing you feel as if you are in a freefall towards the end of you're relationship that you just can't stop. As you reach the bottom you aren't sure what to do. As the drop starts to flatten out, not going up or down you're relationship feels as though its going to end but neither of you want to give up because its just the beginning of something special.
The relationship reaches the next upward incline and everything begins to fall in place again. Each of you admit you were wrong in some way and you begin the journey of...

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