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Right Or Wrong? Invasion Of Privacy

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It is not okay to invade someone’s privacy and it is definitely not okay for the government to invade a citizen’s privacy, but sometimes it is necessary. There are times when a person’s privacy almost needs to be invaded, due to certain issues that could be happening. For example, if this person is possibly being threatened, or could be a threat to other people; there could also be a possible terrorist that could be making plans to bomb the country. There are many occasions that it would be necessary to invade someone’s privacy, though you should have evidence that there is something wrong beforehand.
Invading someone’s privacy just for the heck of it is absolutely wrong, though. In 1984 by ...view middle of the document...

When Winston responded with five, O’Brien claimed he was lying and hit him again. They worked to make Winston betray Julia, and vice versa, and Winston’s greatest fear – rats – was used against him. This is a wrongful invasion of privacy, it was not necessary in anyway and could have been completely avoided if the government didn’t feel they needed so much power over everyone.
There are other privacy invasions in the real world, such as Little Brother, that are wrong and unnecessary. When something big or interesting happens, there is almost always someone who records it, whether it be a fight or just a huge event that took place. It is wrong to record things like fights because, it is no one’s business that those people fought or why they fought and it can result in negative things towards those people, such as threats and bullying. Once on the internet, these types of things become huge, and there are things constantly being said about these people. There are other times that Little Brother is helpful, though; for example: the events, such as the things taking place the Middle East or in South America. It lets us know about the things happening in other parts of the world and the problems other countries are facing, such as war, protesters and riots for all sorts of things.
There are times when...

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