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Rights And Freedoms Guaranteed In The Charter Should Be Limited. They Should Not Be Absolute. Discuss.

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This essay states and explains the reason behind this statement. It explains some of the Charter's effects and limitations. I have examined several ponit of views in this esssay such as the historical point of view, the moral/ethical point of view and the current point of view. I have supported and explained these points through a well know quote about absolute power by Lord Acton,an English historian.Lord Acton, an English historian, once said "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." This quote says it all. Power certainly seems to corrupt as we have seen in the past and continue to see in the world today. But power itself can have a limit to it. On the other hand absolute power is bound to extend to the utmost disobediences of conscience.Rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Charter should be limited. They should not be absolute. Rights are the freedoms and privileges given to society according to law and provides justice to the people. We exercise these rights through our freedom. Our rights and freedoms are fully stated and guaranteed by the Charter, and cannot easily be taken away. It is also clearly stated in Section 1 of the Charter that there is a reasonable limit to these rights and freedoms. This section is of great importance and is governed by an equally great justification. Section 1 prevents despotic actions by the government and individuals.Rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Charter, does not give us the right to do what we like, but rather the right to do what we ought to do. We enjoy these rights and freedoms because of the limitations on government power, which are necessary. This limitation is also necessary to our rights and freedoms. This is true, because if an individual has absolute power of rights and freedoms, he or she will not learn to treasure the rights,...

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