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Parties involved are the video images of children, the Federal Pornography Prevention Act and the U.S. Supreme Court System. The moral issue at stake is whether virtual child pornography (video depiction) is more ethically justified than pornography of actual children? The idea virtual pornography is no more justifiable than a video with actual children. In spite of it being virtual; it could still possibly encourage pedophiles to seek after their lustful and harm children. Furthermore, these explicit films not only lead to the harm or injuries of others (Nonmaleficence 153) but can also causes children to be emotionally and psychologically disturbed. The duration of this evil act against ...view middle of the document...

Most of the kids will never get a chance to experience playing with dolls or going on their first dates or even sharing love with that special someone because some low life who chose to snatch it from them. Deontological ethics determines right kind of acts and duties by not looking at consequences. Children should be protected and not left vulnerable for pedophiles to influence them into such cruel acts. Likewise a child should be valued, nurtured and shown the utmost love not corrupted by filth. Children shouldn’t be used for the pleasures of fulfilling one’s sexual desires, which includes watching images on a video or having the actual child perform the act, it is very degrading and disgusting.
According to Locke, the four natural basic rights are life, health, liberty, and property which no threat or hindrance should come against it. It is appalling to know that some children are deprived of such rights and face nightmares, psychological problems, health issues, traumatic distress. Likewise the threat of this type act can deprive children of recreational activites such as playing in the park or in their yards in fear of being abducted. Many children have came up missing and are never found most have been sold into human sex trafficking.
The pedophiles who abuse these kids break the inalienable right; children have a right to life without perverts causing them harm. The U.S. Supreme court broke the moral code of natural law by taking away...

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