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Rights And Wellbeing Of Children: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

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UN, UNICEF and WHO tweet almost two to four times a week. The tweets are usually complying with the objectives of the organisations. UN discusses matter relating to various international issues and providing aid to the countries in need like UN approved aid access to Syria as quoted in a tweet by UN “Unanimously approved, Security Council resolution demands aid access in Syria. Info here:” WHO shares health related facts and reports, like “.@georgyishere Seasonal #influenza circulates worldwide. Read more our fact sheet” UNICEF shares status of children and such related issues like “Providing safe water to children and families affected by #Haiyan @unicefphils.”
The tweets by these organisations (UN, UNICEF, and WHO) relate to our course, ie, Global Economic Issues. The tweets by UN relate to international peace and security, human rights promotion, fostering social and economic development, protecting the ...view middle of the document...

It can be achieved by creating an effective profile, tweeting during peak hours, by developing a niche, by posting thought provoking tweets, and responding when people retweet.
In my opinion, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is the most effective user. UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories, focusing on reaching those in greatest need. It has a huge following. It regularly tweets about the problems related to the children worldwide, their status in emergency situations, what are they going through and what is being done to help and support them. UNICEF also states how they’re shining the spotlight on innovation for children. World Health Organisation (WHO), UN’s health agency, tweets about the health status, health problems and new detected cases of diseases. Nowhere does it mention what steps are being taken by WHO to curb and cure such health problems. This is the reason I believe WHO is the least effective user.
I would strongly suggest that International Business Leaders, Organizations and Activists who are not using twitter should start using it as it is an amazing and an effective way of spreading one’s ideas, information and contents which would ultimately help them reach large masses of people. It will not only bring them together on the same network socially but also strengthen the public relations of the leaders/activists/organizations. It enables direct and strong communication between leaders and followers, activists providing help to the people in need, organizations extending support and people seeking support. Direct communication enables the information delivery at right time to the concerned people through a reliable source, i.e., twitter. It will bring all sections of people on a common platform. Twitter’s use will help them convey their objectives and goals to the common people and remain connected with them at all times. It is not only a great reporting tool but also one of the best forms of marketing. This would even enable a regular feedback from people, helping them get an insight of what people perceive and their opinions .For all the above mentioned reasons, International Business Leaders/Activists/Organizations should take a step forward to twitter in case they are not using it.

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