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Rihanna Is Not The Only Girl To Find Love In A Hopeless Place

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The balance and natural order of the world is held in place by the powerful forces of love and evil. Many think evil is the most powerful, but others, believe the opposite. In Joelle Charbonneau’s novel, The Testing, the balance is shifted when Cia Vale and Tomas Endress’ love, overpowers all evil thrown at them by an inhumane government. The Testing is a series of brutal physical and mental challenges. These evil tests are not done for power nor riches, but for a mere chance at a university education. Through Charbonneau’s development of conflict, establishment of character and creation of varying atmospheres, the theme that love overpowers all evil, is exemplified.
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I roll him over and find … The bullet passed right through [him]” (281). Tomas, again, is very badly injured; his chances of finishing are extremely slim. Clearly, Cia has an easy way out: leave Tomas and join Will to the finish. However, she chooses love. Lastly, the evil intentions of the government make a vicious attempt to destroy any relationship made during the Testing. This is accomplished through a careful memory wipe, yet Tomas and Cia’s relationship remains unscathed. After Cia and Tomas are granted acceptance to the University, “[s]omething pinches [Cia’s] neck and the world goes black. [She] trie[s] to avoid the memory loss. And [she] fails. But [she] recognizes one of the candidates” (318). In this instance, love clearly defies an evil, scientific process. All memories, feelings, and relationships were meant to be destroyed, yet Cia and Tomas’ feelings for one another remain unchanged. This truly shows love powering over evil. In summary, the development of various conflicts within the lives of Cia and Tomas allow love to conquer over every obstacle.
Next, the characterization of Cia develops the importance of love in an evil society. First of all, the development of Cia as a shy introvert, contrasted to her public displays of affection, shows the strength of her love for Tomas. On the second day of the testing, Cia and Tomas enter a crowded room. Upon entering, hand-in-hand, Cia reflects, “Some of the other candidates give Tomas’ and my joined hands a knowing look and I start to pull away. But Tomas wont let me, and it gives me [the] strength [to carry on]” (74). Cia’s love for Tomas overpowers all the deathly stares and unnerving feelings in this moment. Rather than letting the Testing tear them down, they fight with love. Next, Cia is also developed as an active, motivated leader who is willing to do anything necessary for survival. When Tomas is badly injured, Cia does not choose to give in to the evil desires, but help her love. Tomas consistently tells her, “‘It’s no use I’m not going to make it’” to which Cia responds, “‘You just need time to rest’, but [she] knows that isn’t true” (281). Rather than running off to the near finish alone, Cia decides to put aside her motivation to win, and helps Tomas. Her love overpowers her desires. In addition, the characterization of Cia as a smart game player, who always knows her next moves, emphasizes the priority she places on love over survival. In several instances, Cia chooses love over strategy. Notably, when she decides, “[w]ith the possibility of other candidates nearby, I hate the idea of lighting a fire, but the night is cold. Tomas needs the warmth” (282). Cia knows fully well that lighting a fire is a dangerous idea, but she is willing to sacrifice safety for Tomas’ comfort. If Cia, a smart and powerful candidate, is choosing love over game play, then it must be a powerful weapon. To conclude, the characterization of Cia, in contrast...

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