"Rio Lobo, The River Wolf" Updated Version. A Story About Two Young Adventurous Wolves. I'm Still Working On The Rest Of The Story. Suggestions Are Greatly Appreciated.

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Rio Lobo, The River WolfA long time ago, in a country called Lobo, there was an old legend. This wasn't just any legend that you normally hear, but a legend that had its truths. The legend begins at the heart of the country, where Rio Lobo was born. It was a quiet, lush, wooded area. Owls cooed, wolves howled, yet all was still beyond vision. The River Wolf's story had just begun.****"Come on, we better go back now Belean.""But Lobo, can't we keep chasing it, just a little bit longer.""Absolutely not, if we don't get back soon, we'll both be in loads of trouble. They don't know what we're doing."The two of them ran through the forest with complete stealth. They knew the forests well, they knew all the creeks, gorges, and valleys. They always left the pack to go exploring on their own. They were told to stay close to the pack, yet, they always ended up miles away. They'd end up in places where they never thought they could go. They'd scale down a steep hillside with the skill of a mountain goat, the strength of a lion, and the cleverness of a fox. The two were best of friends, they'd rarely go off anywhere without the other right beside them."Keep up, Lobo. You're beginning to slag behind.""I know what I'm doing, Belean, I heard something."Lobo was slowing, and now at a trot."Well, what was it?""I don't know; stop for a second will you? Stop and listen. Do you hear anything, anything strange?""No, all I hear is the wind, and thunder.""You don't hear that low pitched noise? Listen carefully, that's not the wind...or the thunder."At first all they could hear was the whistling of the wind and the anger of the thunder roaring above them. But then, there was another sound..."Lobo, remember what happened the last time you heard something? We ended up miles and miles away from the pack, following that sound. I am not going to follow that sound." Belean began to think about their last encounter with a mysterious sound, they were gone for days, almost lost...if it hadn't been for the howling they would have never found their way from that mysterious river encampment."Belean, come on, we're a little older now, maybe they won't be as worried as they were before.""Listen, you said yourself that we should join back up with the pack. Let's carry that suggestion out, before it's too late to do so.""You go and head back, I'm going to go follow that noise.""Lobo, don't do this again. Please.""Bye bye Belean. If you want to come, then come. If you don't then don't"Lobo made a jump start as if to pounce and ran into the thicket.****Lobo began to follow the annoying sound. He knew that his friend was following him. He always had and always would so long as they were buddies, and as far as he knew, they still were. The two of them had been gone from the pack over night before, not showing up until late morning. So the pack was used to them wandering off, even if they didn't like it too much.Belean quickened his pace to catch up with his buddies pace. He knew what a...

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