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Riordan Business Systems Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing currently has four plants of operations. These plants are in San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hungzhou, China. Currently the Operations department runs on independent Microsoft SQL servers running Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Office 2003. The Research and Development department recently received an upgrade to there outdated Computer Aided Drafting Software from aSa Solutions because the system on hand was inadequate to handle the needs of the Pyramid Bottle project.Human ResourcesThe human resources department utilizes the OpenPro ERP software to sustain and maintain all the business systems of the companies. In accounts receivable, OpenPro records sales and monitors customer payments and has a customer master file. Here an unlimited number of records can be maintained. Each customer is identified by a 15 digit alphanumeric code. In addition to the usual customer number, name and address, the file contains last payment amount and date, and discount and account balance information on the same screen. Opposed the old system in which you could not view multiple data.With this new business system, sales transactions are recorded instantaneous allowing interactive entry, editing and posting of sales and credit memos. The due dates for the charges and prompt payment discounts appear on the printed customer invoice. Item codes are entered with the quantity sold. The description unit price appears as entered into the data file. There is no limit to the number of items that can be included in a single invoice.OpenPro payroll at Riordan supports a variety of specials function ranging from calculating payroll checks with individual deductions to maintaining information required for state and federal reports. This system also supports many user defined pay periods such as daily, weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly and annual. Also, different employee classifications like hourly, salary, or salary with overtime, and multiple state income taxes.A detailed listing of individual payroll transactions is maintained to determine cumulative figures. The system prints payroll checks for each employee or manual checks can be written. A built in time card system makes payroll processing easier.The Job Costing Module at Riordan tracks all costs related to a specific job or project. It provides management the information it needs to quickly identify costs which are out of line with budget estimates and requirements. The Job Costing Module monitors each job's activities, comparing the actual and budgeted figures in terms of units (labor hours) and dollars. Existing jobs with budgeted and actual labor, material, and overhead rates can be used in structuring new projects and providing comparative information to determine appropriate pricing.LegalThe legal firm of Litteral & Finkel has been retained for all legal matters for Riordan Manufacturing All legal matters are approved and consulted with Lowell Bradford, the chief...

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