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Riordan Generic Benchmarking Essay

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Running Head: RIORDAN GENERIC BENCHMARKINGRiordan Generic BenchmarkingUniversity of PhoenixRiordan Generic BenchmarkingOur learning team will look at elements of an effective employee relations program. In many businesses the employee motivation factor plays a significant part in the success of day-to-day operations. To understand what makes employees work effective and to keep morale high, we researched key Human Capital Development course concepts, and benchmarked several companies to incorporate its methods.First, create a career development planning model that incorporates attention to key development success factors. Then evaluate compensation and motivation practices as they relates to organizational strategy. Finally, the material will discuss the impact of ethics on the determination of compensation and rewards systems. Collectively each topic plays a key role on establishing the environment that would be associated of a successful business with high turnover rates and increase sales production. Riordan manufacturing is looking to secure a new management structure to fit these aspects for each of the three demographics within the organization.Employee Relations ProgramAccording to Gilberg (2010), the key elements of an effective employee relations program include:• communications, which are effective at all levels of the organization;• compensation, which is motivational, fair and competitive;• employment policies and practices, which are clear, consistent and current;• supervisors and managers, which are skilled in managing human resources;• effective employee selection and layoff systems;• employee involvement programs and a system of checks and balances.These elements are used to assist the employer in training and give the new employees the security he or she need, which he or she will have good attitudes and help the company be in which he or she need to be.Selective recruiting is not being used to its full potential at Riordan. If incorporated, it could help in finding employees with the best attitudes and best fit in their selective recruiting process, acquiring high levels of employee satisfaction. The best way to receive a promotion at Riordan according to the employees is to leave the company and comeback. This is not the ideal relationship to build with employees.Career Development Planning ModelRiordan does not put much emphasis on the training and development of their employees. According to Dreher and Dougherty, (2001, p. 7), "high performing firms display a greater commitment to training and skill development than their lower performing counterparts." Riordan should make a commitment to the skill development of their employees, and the employees will reciprocate by showing their growth through performance. A career development planning model that incorporates attention to key development success factors can occur with the succession...

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