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During the implementation stage, the application development will occur in the process. However, the organization has to keep in mind the requirements before starting the application development process, and these would include the user interviews, review of requirements documentation, and a timeline of the project on when it will be completed. The IT specialists will now develop the backend of the new HR system.Within the implementation stage the developed system and data bases are installed in the production environment, and other activities are conducted to ensure that the system operates and can be used effectively during production. Some of the most significant activities of this stage ...view middle of the document...

The six major activities of the implementation stage would consist of coding, testing, installation, documentation, training and support. Coding of the design will deal with the backend work, such as the tables and data structures, administration functions and interface for the new system, and the user interface will finalize the coding. Testing phase will begin once the modules are finished. In addition, the testing will be performed against a test environment that was setup to mirror the current HR system. Then finally, the user ability testing will occur to ensure that the design process will be compatible in a real life environment. The installation stage will take place in the production environment, where the HR and the organization will be scheduled and coordinated with the new system. As for the documentation stage, the data will be recorded for new employees or users and employees who did not partake in the design, to see how the new system is structured, put together, and how support the application in certain troubled scenarios. The training phase can consist of one-on-one sessions or group sessions depending on the size of the organization. However, the HR staff needs to grasp the knowledge from the IT specialists to pass on the employees at Riordan Manufacturing. Finally, the support phase will be in the hands of the IT help desk at Riordan, since they have experience and knowledge in the new application, especially with trouble shooting issues.Having a clear set of repeatable processes for use in this implementation phase is also of great importance for the sake of ensuring quality in the system's performance, and it doesn't simply mean doing something over and over again. "Anything can be done once, twice, or three times, but that doesn't mean it's repeatable." (Sugimoto, 2010) Repeatable is further defined as the "ability to perform an action or produce an outcome virtually an infinite number of times without the predictable loss of quantity or quality." (Sugimoto, 2010) The benefits in using the defined and repeatable processes are that it not only saves time and money, but effort by multiple workers...

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