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Riordan Inventory Management Proposal Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastic manufacturing plant with four major locations. Looking at their overall efficiency Riordan has discovered the need to streamline their inventory management departments. Riordan has set aside a budget of 1.5 million U.S. dollars to address the following challenges: (1) to centralize their inventory control systems.(2) Upgrade their current system to gain outside software support. (3) Reduce loss of inventory, and money due to documentation errors. (4) Reduction of labor hours used to perform monthly audits.Riordan Manufacturing has looked toward SSLL Inc to evaluate their current situation and provide a professional recommendation toward developing a more efficient, cost-reducing system. Based on the recommendation from SSLL Inc, Riordan Manufacturing will profit through a reduction of costs due to inventory control, a reduction of labor hours used to track inventory, and increased sales and customer satisfaction through a reduction in product costs through decreasing delivery lead times. In addition, better communication will be incorporated throughout the company through visibility. This new implementation will allow all facilities to view inventory, shipments, costs, and returns electronically, and eliminate reliance on hardcopies filed at other facilities.Understanding the risks, Riordan will notify their stakeholders listed below, of the assessment, upgrade, and implementation process as it becomes available. SSLL Inc. will apply sensitivity and make every effort to provide a clean reliable system, with little or no downtime, and within a projected period of two years. During the first year, SSLL Inc. will dedicate its resources toward research and recommendation, and the second year for implementation, and training.Stake Holders• Local and International Investors• Consumers• Vendors/SuppliersSSLL Inc. will conduct proper research and analysis of Riordan's systems to reveal the root systems process failures, through the investigation of the current Information Department system processes already in place, SSLL Inc. will then provide an understanding of the real issue, and make recommendation toward a proper repair and implementation.IssuesThrough preliminary research, SSLL Inc. has discovered very different computer systems in use at each location including the China plant. Data input of raw materials, finished product, and shipped goods are being completed manually at each location; severely inhibiting appropriate company-wide access of information. Riordan has already seen extra costs associated with trying to meet customer delivery deadlines and it appears more warehouse space will be required to house raw materials if a more efficient tracking system is not implemented.The cost associated with implementing a complete change of computer systems at all locations would far exceed the allotted budget, but it is evident that communication between the plants is a priority. Manual data...

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