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Table of Contents1. Introduction.......................................................32. Current Status....................................................3Current StatusInformation SystemsThe Hangzhou office's network architecture is relatively up-to-date compared to the other offices within Riordan. The overall user satisfaction level is assessed as 5 out of 10. Note that there is an assumption about software versions for the user logon and email server, which is explained further below. The overall architecture started with two seemingly Wide Area Network (WAN) connections- a T-1 to the Internet and a satellite base station to corporate headquarters. The latter of these WAN connections is actually a point-to-point (PTP) connection. The each WAN connection has a dedicated router, but the PTP connection's router also servers as the Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway for this converged network. This network supports itself with logon, email, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) servers. Additionally, there is a network attached storage (NAS) server that may be used for shared file storage or as a backup for other servers. The office is running a 100Mbps Ethernet LAN via Cisco switches and Linksys hubs. All user workstations are running the same hardware, and have access to multiple printers, which is also up-to-date with current technology. Lastly, as previously mentioned, this network is using IP telephony.Each device that resides on this network has a specific software set that is necessary for its basic-to-advanced operation. The table below provides a quick reference and correlation of the employee workstations and servers and their respective software:Core applicationsDeviceOperating SystemAdditional SoftwareWorkstationsMS Windows 2KMS Office 2KUser logon serverMS Windows 2K ServerUser email serverMS Windows 2K ServerApplications per departmentFinance and Accounting (F & A)San Jose: Windows-based ERPMichigan: VMS OSGeorgia: Unix OSSupporting F&A and process application.Executive Decision Support System (EDSS) databaseSales and MarketingVarious disparate databasesAct sales and management softwareHuman ResourcesLegacy information system (part of financial systems package)MS Excel worksheetsAs stated in the table above, there are three departments that have disparate information systems. In the Finance and Accounting department, each office has a separate form (both hardware and software) of their department-specific application. Additionally, there is an EDSS that is not properly accessible to all offices. In the Sales and Marketing department, there are a host of databases that are neither linked nor consolidated. The only standard application is their department-specific software called Act. Lastly, the Human Resources department has a legacy information system that is consolidated with the financial systems package. However, each section within this department uses Excel worksheets to for record...

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