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Riordan Manufacturing: Information System ProposalThe service request sR-rm-004 to analyze the human resource system from John Korzeniowski was received on May 14, 2008. The IT team will examine the current information system and the possible design and development of an integrated, robust application in accordance with Riordan's vision, mission, time-frame and strategic growth plan.AnalysisIn order to design and development an integrated state-of-the art human resources information system, the initial step is to define Riordan's business needs and its current technical resources. Riordan's ERP system was installed in 1992 and independent from its branch offices. This system is an integral part of the finance and accounting application. Riordan employs over 550 people and has offices located in California, Michigan, Georgia, and China. Each branch office has an independent finance and accounting system that is consolidated at the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. A brief overview of Riordan's current information system and dependent software applications confirmed a business need for an integrated, high-performance information system. The factors that suggest the business needs are documented employee dissatisfaction, labor intensive procedures, and pertinent data located in various locations. This proposal will ensure that Riordan's present and future business needs are met in a cost-effective manner without diminishing its requirements and effectiveness.Prior to addressing the design of the system, the affiliated departments were examined in order to determine the functions its information system perform and project future tasks that may be required. The initial examination commenced at corporate headquarters to observe the daily operations and review documents and reports. Additional interviews were conducted with branch office staff throughout the investigative process.Human Resources/ Finance and AccountingIn order to obtain the information needed for further projection and planning, a day was spent at corporate headquarters observing the daily operations in Riordan's human resource and finance and accounting departments. The finance and accounting department receives information from human resources for payroll and tax purposes. The ability to exchange data between the two divisions will be a factor in selecting an application and design. Each finance and accounting department has its own software application and forwards the necessary data to corporate for consolidating purposes. Several employee interviews were conducted to understand the relationship between the departments and to receive user input from managers and staff. According to Riordan's intranet documentation it has the following applications:•San Jose has a license for a fully integrated Windows based ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial management software application specifically designed for plastics processors and process and assembly...

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