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The company Riot Games Inc. the creators of League of Legends should revert the patch that was deployed on November 28th, 2011. The patch remade the “jungle” which altered the gold rewards, experience rewards, and gameplay. First off, there are three roads in League of Legends which are named after their locations, such as top, mid, and bottom lane. The bottom lane is considered the “side lane” and the top and bottom is considered “solo lanes.” The “jungle” is considered an off-road lane where a player can start besides the three lanes; where they kill minions and help “gank (is when an enemy is far from safety and the “jungle” player comes from the shadow of the off-road to kill them)” their teammates lane if they are losing or help them obtain the upper hand in a stalemate. The new “jungle” does not promote team play it only promotes the “jungle” player and the rest of the team to be “Rambo.” These changes were too drastic and hurt the core fundamental of the game, but some disagree.
Firstly, one of the major changes to the “jungle” that was abominable is the gold reward decrease per minion. The gold deduction hurt the champions that strive in the “jungle” tremendously. For example, before the changes to the “jungle,” one can complete a basic route, which could provide enough gold to finish a necessity item Madred’s Razor, which made you “jungle” faster. Furthermore, the new changes forces players to complete one route and one-third to get the core item that they need to speed up the “jungling process” or they will fall behind from the rest of the team that are in the “lane.” After the patch was deployed the new and the old “jungle” gold difference is outstanding. Consequently, it has come to everyone’s conclusion that the “jungle” reward has been hit very hard. Before the new patch the “jungle” players were ranked top two or three in the statistic for most gold after each match. Compared to now, “junglers” are at the very bottom of the statistic every match. Which made people question is one of the unique aspects of this game necessary anymore?
Secondly, another major change that was unsatisfactory is the experience decrease per minion. An overall 25 percent decrease in experience was applied in the new patch which is a gigantic reduction. To illustrate, in the old “jungle” the player could get level four when completing the basic route. In the new “jungle” players get level three and a half. This change is very drastic which will be explained later. One level is a big difference in this game; every level a player gains get increased stats on their champion which caps at level 18. In addition, the old “jungle” the player could keep up in level with the “side lane” champions. But in the new patch the “jungle” player is one or two levels behind the “side laning” champions, which basically made the player useless because they can’t compete with “side lane” champions anymore. Why does this hurt the game, one may ask? Besides being two levels...

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