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Rip Current Analysis

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Multiple satellite methods exist for remote sensing of rip currents each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Photobathymetry, currents interaction using with Synthetic Aperture Radars (SARs), wave refraction, and wave kinematics bathymetry (WKB) are current technologies that are used most often due to the current satellite knowledge. Each of these techniques can be applied using low orbit satellites that are already currently orbiting Earth. All techniques aside from WKB have been tested as satellites for several years. WKB has been operational for 20 years, but not from a satellite until recently (1). Each method has a unique background as well as functionality that make them suitable ...view middle of the document...

ENVISAT, RADARSAT-2, ALOS, COSMO-Skymed, and TerraSAR-X (2).With its ability to accurately capture images, SARs are able to send pictures at spatial resolutions and widths up to 500 km (2). Typical applications include providing geologists with structural information for mineral exploration, environmentalists with oil spill locations, navigators with hazard maps, and military with reconnaissance (3). Moreover SARs are used to capture images that produce indications of the water surface roughness associated with wind field, surface films and current gradients (2). Images produced by SARs are two-dimensional. One of these dimensions is range which is the line of sight distance to the target while the other dimension is the azimuth or along track. To obtain a fine image resolution, a large antenna is needed, sometimes up to several hundred meters long (3). After the radars obtain the backscattered radar signals, it is then able to output quantitative results and send results to receiving stations. It has a strong potential to be used to monitor spatial and temporal changes...

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