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There are a lot dangerous gangs out there in the world. Some may be even closer than you think, for instance in your children schools, their playgrounds and even in some after school church groups. So everyone should take a part in trying to stop gang violence before it gets to be too late. In this paper it will be explaining, the most dangerous gangs, and interview and most importantly how to stop gang violence to make a better place for our future.
In the United States, the top most wanted gang is the Ms13, a very commonly well known gang. This gang is not just some want to be thug gang in some guy’s basement, trying to act all big and bad when they’re not. This is a very well organized ...view middle of the document...

Which is still practice today, and also a part of their well known sign. (gangs.umd.edu)
The third gang is called The Mungiki, they are involved of murder, racketeering, extortion, mutilation, and intimidation. Now this group may not be the first most dangerous but don’t let that fool you. This is because they are a brutal and violent gang, even going back to what they do in the older days of cutting off heads, and outing them on sticks. They are around the Nairobi, Kenya area. This gang has to about 100,000 to 500,000 members. This gang is very tribal and old in many ways. Their name means multitude, they have a very brutal reputation. But not that many people have ever met the members, even though there are so many members, they tend to stay on down low of the streets unlike some of the other gangs.
My fourth gang is the 18th street gang. With around 65,000 members, they sell drugs; gun trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, contract killing and prostitution. They are located around the Los Angeles, Western and Southern US and Central America. This gang doesn’t have morals; they don’t have beliefs except for you gang comes first, before your family, yourself and even god. To them in you betrayal your gang to deserve nothing but the worst death that could come to you. Their primary rival is the ms13, like the ms13 they are very well organized and dangerous. (gangs.umd.edu)
The fifth and final gang is the Bloods. Just like the Crips they are in the Los Angeles area and there are about 15,000 to 30,000. Yes, there are a whole lot more Bloods then there are Crips but size is not everything. They do not participate in as many crime activities as the Crips. The crime actives that they are involved in are murder, drug trafficking, robbery and extortion. They are the Cips biggest rivals; they were first formed as a anti-crips group. They are such rivals that as soon as one of either member of the gangs each even if they are alone, they are suppose to fight. (gangs.umd.edu)
Now after that being talked about, that was only the top five most dangerous gangs in the Untied States. That just shows you how many people are a part of gangs, you might even known members but you don’t know they are part of them. But it’s not enough just knowing the top five gangs, you need to know that gang life can affect your very own and the life of your family or children life in many ways.
After interviewing with our High School officer, Officer Sheffield, during this time he told about...

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