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The Rise Of EDM
EDM (Electronic Dance Music), or House music, first originated in Chicago in the 1980’s, but has been popular in Europe for the last twenty years. However, it did not become a prominent genre of music in North America until about 2005 when it was first seen in hit Pop songs by artists such as Timbaland and Akon. Since then, EDM has spread like wildfire in North America, influencing every genre of music and giving a new look to the entire music scene. It truly is the new wave of music that is quickly becoming mainstream.

Songs consist of melodic tunes made up of electronic sounds, synthesisers, hard hitting bass lines, and often catchy vocals. EDM is seen as the new ...view middle of the document...

As conventional genres employ EDM elements, listeners are being subconsciously introduced to it. In a sense, it’s easing fans of other music types into EDM through a genre there already comfortable and used to listening to, while at the same time creating new and different songs for everyone.
Furthermore, the radio has had to adjust to the public’s interest and alter their radio format accordingly. For example, in 2011 they began playing wordless songs such as “Levels” by Avicii, which was played excessively and was ranked the number one song in 2011 by “MuchMusic”. This would have been unheard of until that point. Radio stations have started playing EDM artist’s podcast on the radio, as well as featuring live sets played by DJ’s on the air, due to popular demand from the listeners.

Many of the big name DJ’s that play and produce electronic music are under the age of twenty-five, with some being as young as seventeen. Most of them, have never attended a music lesson in their lives, or even played an instrument. They are self-taught artists that have gained their knowledge through countless hours of “messing around” on a computer and watching tutorials found on Youtube. In the past, artists would have usually played instruments such as guitar or piano during their childhood. The many years of practice and music lessons are now being replaced with laptops and relatively cheap software programs for producing tracks. As a result, thousands and thousands of young upcoming artists are all trying to make a name for themselves, while expanding the genre of EDM, as they try to come up with something different and unique. Such energy has caused EDM to branch out into hundreds of sub genres embodying EDM, ranging from “Deep house” to “Trap” and “Hardstyle”. According to the International Music Summer (IMS) Consumer Report 2012, EDM is the fastest growing mainstream genre in the United States. Some political campaigns are even turning to EDM to attract younger voters. Along with videos by actors, musicians and politicians, the Obama campaign's YouTube site features a public service announcement by DJ’s.

On the other side of this argument, there are a few that will argue EDM is just a “fad” and will die down much like the Rock and Roll and Techno fads from the earlier generations. However, this is not a trend or fad like some believe, EDM is here to stay! The technology that we have at our disposal today far surpasses what was available even ten years ago. They didn’t have the tools to be able to produce perfectly “mastered” tracks from a laptop, nor did they have even...

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