Rise Of Globalization And Inequality And Its Solutions Globalization Essay

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Globalization has opened up a new horizon of tremendous possibilities for the nation of the world. Countries of the world are very closer to each other. They can share their views and ideas,knowledge,information and technology. The process of globalization has made the whole world a free and huge market of goods and services. The inhabitants of the whole world are the consumers of the products. A product produced in one country is quickly marketted all over the world and thus available anywhere in the globe.So, globalization has increased trade and commerce,flow of capital money,investment,movement of people and workers all over the world.
However, globalization also has its negatives. Globalization has a challenged and risked traditional nation.It has been claimed that globalization widening the gap between rich and poor,between develop and developing or underdeveloped nations. Because,agro-based,technologically backward and poor countries are no match for industrially developed,technologically advanced,powerful nations.Globalization aims as widening market for capital and goods but at the same time it ensures maximum profit for the capitalists and investors. In this case, the poor and underdeveloped nations are lagging behind in the competition of market.
The pressure of inequality brings out the people who want change, known as the citizen activists. They are individuals, often who as a collective perform actions with social consequences. The rise of citizen activism has grown substantially in developing nations, due to rise in literacy and education, openness of the political activities and new norms of rights and justice. An example of this is Medellin Colombia, once a city ruled by crime, drug trafficking and war is now one of the most innovative city. This is mostly due to its citizens driving for change. The city heard the citizens needs and provided development and services to make the population become active citizens. This was done by allowing individuals across the board to enjoy the city, its surroundings and services. Another example...

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