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During the time after World War One Germany was in a very bad condition. Money was printed to pay the 132 million marks of reparation, this caused inflation. Then not long after that, when the French invaded Ruhr, the Weimar Republic printed more money to pay civilians to go on strike, after all the massive money making the German currency had increased by 400%, this then caused a hyperinflation. The unemployment level was high as a result of trying to lower the inflation; goods were being less available; money doesn't have any value any more; the simplest life essential items costs obscurely high; people's life savings can only afford a loaf of bread. This caused problems because people can be easily starved to death from not having enough money to buy food, and life essential items are hard to get too. Once there is a problem the government will try to fix it, so the Weimar Republic later on will develop a new type of currency, called the Reichsmark, to use. This problem cannot be avoided, because the Weimar Government needed to print this money, they already lost a war they don't want to borrow more money from people, eventually they did borrow 9 billion and 800 million dollars from USA though the Dawes plan and others from the USA for building infrastructure with the help of Gustav Stresemann (the German Foreign Minister). Because the government was not willing to borrow money in the beginning they went into deeper and deeper debt as shown below:Year Revenue Expenses Deficit*1919 2,559 8,560 5,9991920 3,178 9,329 6,0541921 2,927 6,651 3,6761922 1,488 3,951 2,4421923* 519 5,278 4,690*In millions of gold mark.**April to October only.Note: 1,000,000,000,000 paper mark equals 1 gold markThat's not all the problems that were present at that time. There were many riots, revolts, and terrorism occurring as well. The left wingers and the right wingers were openly fighting each other on the streets. Both wings rebelled and rioted. Germany, mostly right-wings, hated the communists. The Freikorps were a group of retired soldiers that got paid by the Weimar Republic to roam the streets of Germany and kill communists, and stop communist riots, eventually they started to like this and fights the Communist even without pay, because of them they suppressed the left-wing rebellions and make it not a problem anymore. Still the right-wing still caused problems. The German army/police force was mostly Right-wings, so they barely give aid on suppressing right-wing revolts. There are so many problems during those times the Germans wanted to search for a dictator, they wanted someone that could rule them like the Kaiser, and they found...Hitler. Hitler was extremely intelligent. He had a plan for everything, unless he needs to think on his feet; usually thinking on his feet Hitler fails or something goes wrong, like the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler was smart enough to be able to manipulate everyone and lay them neatly into his bigger plans. He gave people what they...

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