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Rise Of Sexual Activity In Malaysia

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In Malaysia, sexual activities among unmarried teenagers are on the rise. Being an officially Islamic country that practices Eastern values, this is definitely a major concern. Just before dawn on New Year’s Eve 2010, Spak, K. (2014) reported that the Malaysian morality police have apprehended 52 unmarried Muslim couples, of which most are still students. Worse, premarital pregnancy among teenagers also shows a staggering number. As of 2013 from the span of January until March, Shah, A. (2014) stated that Malaysia has recorded a number of 1,048 premarital teen pregnancies. In simpler calculations, this means there was an average of 12 teen pregnancies a day.
The western cultural imperialism further empowered by the uncensored materials in the media and Internet play a significant role in increasing these numbers in the eastern culture in Malaysia. Shah, A. (2014) further quoted Dr Nik Rubiah who implied that communication between family members on sex education is profound in curbing the issue.
Therefore, the big question is; what are the methods used parents in communicating to their teenage children on sex education? To have an accurate outlook, this question covers the aspect of the “how, what, when, where, and who” of the communication.
In exploring how parents communicate to their teenage children, the verbal and non-verbal language used should also be taken into account. Therefore, which terminology, tone and emotion do the parents often use to deliver the sex education communication to their teenage children? Also, do parents converse in a one-way or two-way communication, and are there any supporting media used to deliver the message across?
Sex education communication carries a broad definition, unique to different parents of multiple backgrounds. For example, some parents may maintain the perception that sex education communication only requires them to explain puberty,...

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