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Rise Of The Machines Essay

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Technology has been growing throughout the years, always changing and
evolving in all new ways. It has become almost a second nature to us by now, to use technology on anything and everything. We use technology for the smallest things, such as looking up the recipe for your next meal, or the name of an actor, or just to check up on a friend. It seems to be that the more technology develops, the more addicted and the more dependent we become. If one were to analyze and really think about how many times we use technology a day, we will start to realize how much it has consumed us. Just think about how many times a day you see someone on their phone, or on a computer. You will start to realize how addicted we are. It’s so common for us to use and see people use technology, that we take it for granted and never think twice about it. However, is becoming this dependent on technology a bad thing? I feel as though we depend a lot on technology

Technology, like everything, has its ups and downs, you know, the pros and the cons.Technology makes everything so much easier for everyone. We can travel long distances, talk to our loved ones, and even entertain us. Technology has also made things safer for us.There have been so many technological advances through recent history that were created to keep people safe and away from harm, like fire alarms and air bags in motor vehicles. Technology has also made things much faster for us, such as travel. Cars, Planes, and Boats help many people get to different places around the globe in shorter amounts of time, and the internet has also made
communication around the world almost instantaneous. Like most things there are
always some types of downsides. With advancements in technology, many people start to become lazy and too dependant on technology. Not many people still do things the old fashioned way. Like wash their clothes, or dishes, people just throw them inside the washing machine or dishwasher and call it a day! I mean don’t get me wrong it’s useful and not as time consuming.

I feel like the more people use technology, the more dependent they become on it. Many people become so attached to their phones and computers that they feel lost without them (I’ve seen it happen). With technology on the rise most of the public lose focus and indulge in it. Most people can say that they’ve seen someone accidentally walk into a pole or a sign or something while looking down at their phones. It’s surprising the things that happen when you’re zombified by a small electronic. These things are just ridiculous.

If you could just for a minute or two think of how often you use or look at your phone a day, you would say maybe 2 to 3 hours a day. But unfortunately we
spend a lot more time than that!. “The average adult is awake for 15 hours and 45 minutes every day and 45 percent of that time is spent using a proliferation of technology.” (Thomas and Revoir). The reason we spend so much time on...

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