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Rise Of The Shrimpanzees Essay

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There was a beautiful island in the middle of the Baffin Bay, near Greenland. Two monkey tribes lived on the island; the island was called the Island Island of Islands. They shared the island peacefully. On the west side of the Island Island of Islands, where King Shrimp ruled, living conditions were deteriorating. Food was becoming scarce and the Shrimpanzees, (half monkey, half shrimp animal, a spell cast long ago by King Shrimp on his followers) were dying sooner than their counterparts living under King Steve’s rule. That is when King Shrimp began to make a plan to take over the entire island, King Steve’s region. King Steve was a fabulous person. He was fair, kind, calm and a regular ...view middle of the document...

They had their guns loaded with shrimp bombs, and all combat gear on ready to fight. Even though King Steve did nothing wrong, King Shrimp was still mad and very jealous. He still wanted food supplies from them, but now he wanted even more. He thought if he was going to destroy them he might as well take over the whole island at the same time.
The war began, there were banana skins and shrimp everywhere! King Shrimp made his way inside the castle, dressed up as a regular chimp. If he could manage to sit on King Steve’s throne, he would be ruler of the island! He crept upstairs. If any guards stood in his way, he would blind them with shrimp fog. He saw a big jeweled door, pushed the door open, and there it was! The Throne of Thrones! It was covered with, jewels, diamonds, gold and pebbles on it, the seat was red and there were stairs leading up to it. There was a huge chandelier, the walls were light green, and the stair railings were gold. It was a beautiful sight.
As King Shrimp was walking toward the Throne of Thrones, he heard a noise. He had his weapon ready and looked around. He saw nothing. He kept on walking, being careful where he stepped. Just as he was about to step on the first stair, an arrow slid right by his check. It was a guard! King Shrimp shoot and missed. The chimp was moving so fast that King Shrimp couldn’t see him; he was hiding in different places. Suddenly, the chimp swung down from a rope and knocked King Shrimp’s weapon right out of his hand! King Shrimp reach to get a bomb, but he had run out of them!
Suddenly, King Shrimp felt something hit his side. It was an arrow, shot by the guard. He was slowly falling to the ground. He wasn’t dying, but he was badly wounded. He slowly pulled out the arrow and fell to the ground, unconscious. The cut was very deep. The chimp used his walkie-talkie to report to King Steve. King Steve said to wait there and guard the throne.
In about five minutes, King Steve arrived. He saw King Shrimp’s body on the ground and stared. King Steve walked very slowly to the body. He then gave a command. “Ta his body to the hospital building, tell Madam Florio to just put him on a bed. You stay there and guard him, make sure nobody finds out that’s he is there....

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