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Rising Rent Essay

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Various individuals visualize New York City as a place that any person would love to live in, but what many do not to realize is the fact that the city has a continuously growing homeless population because of the rising cost to live within the city. Individuals in New York City are living in a time where not even a job may entirely support his/her daily finances.
New York City is not only a tourist attraction, but considered one of the most expensive cities in the world to fund because of its superb security, overall popularity, and partly its dependence on Wall Street to pay high income taxes to fund social programs, such as those who help homeless individuals and low-income residents. ...view middle of the document...

Vasquez by no means expected to live in a homeless shelter with his two daughters, ages 18 and 15. Homeless shelters are not a place where families especially with young children suppose to stay. A homeless shelter gives housing to many drug addicts and other types of people your children are not supposed to grow around nor be exposed to. For instance, because of the rising homeless population various shelters are overpopulated, thus affecting the amount of space a child may have. Children’s should live in a private safe place not surrounded by homeless people. According to the American Journal of Public Health children's that spend part of their lives in shelters tend to bear more mental health problems, such as disruptive disorders (depends on what he/she sees within the shelters), depression, anxiety, and many others. It is frustrating and unacceptable that children in a tremendously wealthy country like the United States are suffering mentally and economically because of the absence of affordable homes.
New York City suffers from a disease I call "over population". New York City is running out of building space and the only way how to keep up to New York's expanding population is by constructing skyscrapers. According to New York's urban planners skyscrapers cannot be built where ever a person may want. The construction of skyscrapers are decided by zoning maps, in which it notifies the owner/builder how much space is available. Unfortunately, in specific areas buildings can only be constructed up to a specific height. The city's limited space is a reason why barely or no affordable housings are being constructed and the main cause of why the growing wealthy class has to move to affordable neighborhoods to seek somewhere to live, such as Brooklyn , thus explains why a massive amount of homeless families are seeking refuge in their local homeless shelter. Hamilton Nolan states "this is a reason non-rich New Yorker's should cheer the construction of "superluxury condos""....

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