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Rising Tuition Prices Essay

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Today, more jobs require more than a high school diploma. In order to get a good paying job, a college degree is required. More people are attending college in order to get better paying jobs, but is going to college worth a good job with rising tuitions across the nation? According to College Board, from 2002-2003 to 2012-2013, the average tuition and fees for a private institution rose about an average of 2.4% every year. As tuition prices increases every year, it affects millions of college students. It affects college students who have to use government aid to assist paying for college.
I conducted a survey to test how students feel about rising tuition prices. As a college student who is attending a public university with government assistant, I wanted to know how other college students felt about tuition prices increasing. I wanted to know if it makes them worried about how they will pay for college,if they worry about continuing their education, or if it makes them reconsider attending college if college was a goal for them.
As tuition continues to increase every year, it should be a concern to many people. Rising tuition should matter to people who are attending college. As tuition prices increases, college students have to worry about how they will pay for college and what type of aid they should apply for. If tuition continues to rise, college students might have to apply for more financial aid. Rising tuition should be a concern of people who are considering to attend college in the future. With tuition prices increasing every year, people who plan on attending college will have to find ways to get financial help to pay for college or start saving up their money in order to attend college in the future. Also, it affects people trying to pick a college to attend. The colleges should also be concern about rising tuition prices because the higher the tuition, more students will be asking for financial assistance such as a scholarships, loans and grants. Also, rising tuition can mean more students leaving college or transferring to a more affordable college causing a decline in enrolled students.
The hypothesis that I had when I was creating the survey for students is that people who attends or plans to attend a private university are the least satisfied with rising tuition rates. I thought that people are trying to save money and want to pay less for college. I also predicted that people who are for increasing tuition would like to see more done in the school. If the tuition rises, people would want to expect better services like more computers in the computer lab, more programs to help them get good grades or improving science labs. If tuition increases and nothing is being done to improve the school, then people would not favor the increases.
Some theories that I had about rising tuition prices going into the interview was that private schools give out more financial aid than public schools. I thought this because since...

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