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Risk And Quality Managment Assessment Essay

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment SummaryWendy WittHCS/4518/19/2013Sandra CardozaLittlie Hugs Children Hospital specializes providing advanced care to infants, children, and teens. Little Hugs Children's hospital is a specialized hospital with special medical equipment for newborn infants, children, and teenagers born prematurely, trouble breathing, infections, or a life-threatening condition that requires 24-hour monitoring and care. Little Hugs Children's Hospital staff includes neonatologists, pediatricians, register nurses, repertory nurses, social workers, and occupation therapists.The purpose of risk and quality management in hospitals is to identify potential risks before they happen. The risk management system is a systematic process of gathering data necessary to reduce loss and the severity of negative patient outcomes and poor quality care. Risk management systems are a continuous process that involves proactive and reactive components. Quality improvement focuses on developing ways to improve performance based on standards. Risk management and quality management work hand in hand to provide a safe environment and high standard of quality care for patients.Risk management is a continuous process of effective communication. Key concepts to risk magnet are risk assessment, risk reduction, risk monitoring, risk reporting, and risk evaluation. Risk management consists of two sides, risk analysis and risk control. Risk analysis has three parts, assessment, evaluation, and reduction. Risk control has two parts, monitoring, and reporting. The goal of risk assessment is to identify risk factors that effect. After risks have been identified the second step is developing plans and actions that can be implemented that will reduce risks. The third step is monitoring the risk after implementing change to determine if risk has increased or decreased and to identify and new risks that may appear. Fourth, risk reporting is continuous awareness and the effectiveness of plans and actions that have been taken to contain or reduce risks.Patient safety and risk management issues include injuries of hospitalized children mostly involve falls, entrapment in beds or cribs, choking, strangulation, and electrocution. Accurate identification of patient and medication errors is also areas with potential risks. Serious injuries are rare, although three fatal injuries have been reported. Little Hugs Children Hospital is liable for injuries to patients and visitors that occur while on hospital grounds.These risks have a negative effect on the organizations ability to provide quality care if safety principles and standards are not implemented correctly. Internal and external concerns have a huge impact on quality of care. For example, a child gets out of bed to go the bathroom, slips, and cracks his head open in a medical monitoring device. Patient safety has been violated, hospital liability, fines, which affects the quality of care provided along with the...

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