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Risk Assessment Report For Resorts

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The following is a risk assessment report which identifies the potential threats of the Resort, and the specific steps that will be taken to reduce its exposure.A discussion involving senior management and several key personnel of the operative and planning level from the industry was held earlier to discuss the issues. With the Hospitality business being in the high-risk category, it is more susceptible to public crisis, therefore it is important that we utilize the diverse inputs from individuals in order to be able to generate and implement efficient risk reduction policies. With that in mind, we will now look at the findings.The potential crisis areas can include:1. Environmental degradationNatural Hazards (earthquakes, flooding, landslides, hurricanes)Technological and Man-Made accidents (fire, nuclear, viruses)2. Social disturbances and unrestWorkplace violenceEmployee problem and misconductHuman resource-basedDeath of executive or guest3. Health & Safety issuesFood safetyVirus outbreak (bird flu, SARS)Incidents of guest getting into major/minor accidents4. Security issuesCriminality and TerrorismLoss of guest belongingsIn the event when a crisis occurs, there are 3 major effects that are deemed to be fatal to the Resort, mainly the negative impact it has on people, financial conditions, and its reputation. To minimize the exposure and effects of the crisis, the subsequent steps have to be taken with respect to the above issues.1. Environmental degradationAn emergency plan will be mapped out, and it will include the necessary actions to be taken in view of a crisis, along with the identified escape routes.Employees will be briefed twice a year and a review of the emergency plan will be done. This is to ensure that they know how to safely evacuate the vicinity, and how to protect themselves and guests should a disaster occurs. They are also encouraged to attend CPR training, or other emergency trainings.2. Social disturbances and unrestTo counter workplace issues, such as workplace violence, and employee problem and misconduct, the Resort will make an effort to maintain a conducive environment. Such efforts include:Inspection of work area including, but not limited to, desks and computer storage disks.Under conditions approved by management, telephone conversations may be monitored and voice mail messages may be retrieved in the process of monitoring customer service.Employees are encouraged to report any incident that may involve a violation of any of the company's policies that are designed to provide a comfortable workplace environment. Concerns may be presented to respective supervisors.Educating & Training Employees. We will encourage supervisors and employees to enrol in courses to learn more about working with each other. (Courses covering communication, problem solving, building effective working relationships, stress management, and related or similar course topics offered by the training department and, where appropriate,...

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