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Risk Factors In E Commerce Essay

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Risk Factors in E-Commerce
With more and more of consumers purchasing items over the internet and relying less and less on brick and mortar store, e-commerce has been a lucrative target for criminals. There is relatively less risk in being caught and prosecuted if a criminal targets potential victims through e-commerce. Crimes committed over e-commerce channels require specialized training to investigate and have the potential to over numerous agencies, jurisdictions and even countries. This crossing of judicial and governmental jurisdiction can often impede the investigation or even prevent prosecution. There are several other risk factors that effect e-commerce. The most critical risk factors have been identified in the areas of availability, performance, scalability, and security.
If your website is down, then you are not doing any business. The availability of your site is critical to your business reputation and ability to sell its services. Does the organization have the ability to quickly and effectively manage or mitigate issues that affect its availability? A developing trend for criminals is to perform a denial of service attack on a business. This is when a hacker has the ability to block access to your website. The hacker can either deny your ability to access your systems, deny consumers from accessing your system or both. Some organized crime elements have used this method to extort funds from business in order for the business to access their site. It is essential for business have the ability to mitigate the effectiveness of these attacks.
Performance of your site has to be up to par with your competitors. If your site is slow or reacts erratically, it is unlikely consumers will visit your site again. The tools on your website should be current and take into account increased in personal computer capabilities. You must keep current with advances in technology but must realize that not all consumers will have the newest and fastest computers. Business must find the proper balance in performance and accessibility to reach the most broad client base possible. Ease of use must be balanced with performance. A high speed but technically complicated site might alienate potential clients.
How many connections does your site require? That is where scalability comes in play. The larger your network the more overhead your business will have. In determining the...

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