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Risk is the possibility of negative event happening due to action or omission of any outside forces. By knowing the nature of event we can propose a plan to prevent negative consequences. Proposed plan is called risk management plan. The research of origin of a problem is root cause analysis. Risk management involves the creation of the necessary infrastructure and culture for healthcare business, and consists of several steps, connected by each other:
1. Identify causes and the main factors of risk;
2. Identification, analysis, and risk assessment;
3. Decision-making on the basis of the evaluation;
4. Reduce the risk to an acceptable level;
5. Monitoring the implementation of planned activities;
6. Analysis and evaluation of risk solutions.
One way to improve the efficiency and quality of care is the risk management system, identifying, assessing impacts, and developing counter tactics designed to limit accidental events causing physical and moral harm to the healthcare organization, its patients and staff.
There are large number of errors happen in health care at all levels, most of them end favorably, without injury to personnel and patients. Only a small portion of cases ends causing significant harm and even death. In this situation, a clear link between the errors of staff, healthcare organization, and patients injury cannot be detected.
Risk Management was formed to bring stability to healthcare organization to incidents, accidents, and losses. It reveals hidden hazards and work out countermeasures. System analysis of a risk management demonstrates its complexity. Causes of errors have human and system components. Human errors are inevitable.
“Our current economic climate is continuing to force healthcare organizations to evaluate operational efficiencies. Maximizing profits, or at least not operating at a loss, has long been at the forefront of business objectives. Very few organizations can survive in the long run without meeting their expenditures.” (Hall, 2010)
It is believed that every organization has a system to prevent errors, and it has to be modified frequently, due to current conditions and new obstacles, which routinely arise. Many defects do not occur only because of staff’s action, but they may correlate with several not linked to each other episodes. The goal of risk management plan is to collect data, analyze, and give recommendations to prevent future errors.
Risk Management Plan.
1. Potential risks: patients could have lost a limb, lost a lot of blood, suffered a stroke, had an allergic reaction to medications, or have died. Based on case study, two patients suffered harm. One patient had a surgery on a healthy ankle; the other patient had a surgery on her abdomen, which was not a problem.
2. Identifying the situation: both patients had medical emergency and came to ER for medical help. Because of series of cascading errors patients’ problems were not fixed, instead more medical problems were created. Surgical...

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