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Risk Mangement Essay

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AbstractThis paper serves to look inside a healthcare institution and the vital components involved in minimizing risks in areas that are inherently wrought with them. The areas examined in this project include the risks in the field of emergency room medicine, radiology, as well as obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatal care services. The strategies used to maximize the reduction of these risks, both old and new, and their effectiveness in past, present, and future occurrences will be carefully examined. In addition, we will delve into different institutions and their success rate in minimizing risks in high-risk areas.IntroductionRisk management is not a new term in the healthcare industry. However, one is always broached with caution. Any industry has risks, both inherent and added, that it must take into consideration. The strategies to reduce these risks present modern day risk managers with an extreme challenge, and the stakes of not reducing these risks are becoming increasingly higher. A risk manager must be able to asses and evaluate a plethora of risks on any given day and in any given circumstance; the risk managers in high-risk healthcare areas are no exception. In fact, these individuals are presented with a challenge of much higher caliper than those under ordinary health care circumstances. A few of these areas include neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as emergency room medicine (Kavalar & Spiegel, 2003).Obstetrics, Gynecology, and NeonatologyAn interesting take on approaching care in the field of obstetrics and gynecology is that of Stanford University and their so-called "dummy" (Greenwald, 2008). This device has the ability to simulate almost every medical mishap thought possible (2008). The creativity of Stanford Medical University should be applauded, as their risk management team was innovative enough to develop such a tool to aid the medical staff in preparing for the unexpected (2008). Not only does this patient simulator present the staff with the challenge of what to do in extenuating medical circumstances, but it also records things such as their response time to any given medical condition and medical emergencies that one may encounter. The reactions of the medical staff is then reevaluated by the risk management department in effort to determine how care could be achieved in a faster, more efficient, and less harmful manner for the patient when they are presented with a real life encounter of this sort (2008).RadiologyIn radiologic imaging and interpretation, it appears as though some of the largest risk factors stem from poor communication, poor diagnostic reading interpretation, inappropriate follow up, and, according to a study at Yale University, the clinicians infidelity to their own interpretations (Healthcare Risk Management Data; Data from Yale University, 2010). There are too many modifications to the initial report, and this is seemingly done so after the fact, in an assortment of scenarios,...

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