Risk Related Alcohol Consumption Influenced By Mistreatment As A Child

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Community services, health, and judicial systems are under strain from risk-related alcohol consumption and the associated behavioural and health problems (National Health and Medical Research Council 2011). Australian Alcohol Guidelines recommend drinking no more than 2 standard drinks per day for females, and no more than 4 standard drinks per day for males (Commonwealth of Australia, 2013). The guidelines also recommend at least 2 days free of alcohol per week (Commonwealth of Australia, 2013). Therefore, binge drinking, alcohol dependence, and alcohol abuse are risk-related due to being in excess of the recommended guidelines. Research has been conducted to ascertain contributing factors ...view middle of the document...

Four waves of data collection, over thirteen years, provided information from 8503 participants for analysis (Shin et al., 2013). Participants were assessed through in-school surveys, in-home interviews, and self-report computerised questionnaires (Shin et al., 2013). Questions included; child-abuse severity and frequency questions, demographical data, parental and peer alcohol use, and socio-economic data (Shin et al., 2013). Furthermore, other known research-supported associations with RAC were included in the questionnaires to allow for full analysis of possible trajectories (Shin et al., 2013). Shin et al.’s study determined two significant relationships (2013). Adults who suffered child abuse or neglect had greater likelihood of RAC than those who were not subjected to mistreatment as a child (Shin et al., 2013). Further, the more regular and brutal the abuse or neglect then the more likely RAC was evident (Shin et al., 2013). This study provides evidence that mistreatment as a child has a significant relationship with risk-related levels of alcohol consumption.
Risk-related alcohol usage is cross-cultural and world-wide. One study, conducted in Mexico on 3005 teenagers, ascertained a significant relationship between adversity in childhood (such as mistreatment) and substance abuse disorders existed (Benjet et al., 2013). Mistreatment as a child was determined to be a contributing factor in risk-related alcohol use (Benjet et al., 2013). This research supports the findings of Shin et al.’s study. Although the two studies were conducted in different countries, with different cultures both studies concluded that risk-related alcohol consumption levels are more likely when mistreatment as a child has occurred, when compared to participants who were not mistreated.
Additionally, even when analysed according to gender, outcomes show an association between child mistreatment and consuming alcohol at risk-related levels. In 2009, outcomes...

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